That time na magkakulay kami. #FrancoReyes #tbt #love

"On Wednesdeys we wear pink." Oh no wala yata akong pink HAHAHAHA By@rikiflo "Public service announcement! #fetch" via @PhotoRepost_app

Grabe ka naman @jeanmarc15 , ikaw pa din nag-Best Player! Grabeeeeeee!!! #PUSO #LabanSanmig #hardwork

Hahaha isa ka pa! Cute babies greeting me from all over the world… thanks baby Enzo! :* @alexnandre

Simple celebration with my loves. Thank you for today, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would! #29th #hbd #100HappyDays #Day65

The only call I got today. Totally made my day. Thanks… :) #hbd

I’m not doing anything crazy or unusual today, I even went home straight from the office, and I feel really fine about it. Fuck I AM old! Hahaha! #BirthdaySelfie

Naiyak ako sa “nene ko”, pero mas naiyak ako sa wish niya. #hbd

Birthday texts and an early morning call. :) #hbd

I got to the office to this: an empty desk, tampered mouse, my shoes are gone. All because of that F4 card!!! Apparently this is how they greet me on my birthday. Thanks bullies!!! Alam ko kayo may pakana nito HAHAHA @ohhmilet @kemsymanio

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